Otero Practical Shooting Association
"Safety, Proficiency and  Family Fun"

About Us and More

OPSA (Otero Practical Shooting Association) is a group of men and women that enjoy the wide variety of shooting sports. Our first commitment is to insure and teach safe gun handling. That is our most important goal. Safety briefings are given before the start of each and every match. All shooters and spectators are required to wear both eye and ear protection. If you see anything that might be a safety concern, SAY SOMETHING! Our next goal is to have fun.

OPSA holds three monthly matches at the Sidney Paul Gordon Shooting Range located just north of La Luz, NM, and hosts special matches during the year. OPSA was the host of the USPSA New Mexico Sectionals for 2002 and has held the New Mexico 3 Gun Championship for a number of years. We also host the NRA "Women on Target" and the Eddie Eagle safety program. Many of our members are certified NRA instructors and have helped the Boy Scouts with their shooting merit badge program and are sponsors of our local 4-H club. Our club is also sanctioned by USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association).

A special THANKS to all those, past and present, that donate their time to OPSA. Without their devotion we would not have one of the best and most active clubs in the state.

Consider joining us. MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM (pdf)

OPSA Club By-Laws - Revised FEB 2010 --- BY-LAWS (PDF FILE)

OPSA Standard Operating Procedures - REVISED NOV 2011 --- SOP (PDF FILE)
NOTE about Safety on the Range:

Who is responsible for safety? YOU ARE! If someone says anything to you about something unsafe-don't take offense, it is for your safety as well as that of everyone else. Just listen and be sure to say "Thank you!". (It is better to maybe hurt your feelings than have anyone get injured.)