Otero Practical Shooting Association
"Safety, Proficiency and  Family Fun"
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Match Details

OPSA hosts three club matches a month and will host a special match from time to time. Special matches are long range cowboy rifle, back-up gun or BUG (these are revolvers or semi's with barrels 3" or less), handgun/rifle or shotgun (2 gun match) or handgun/shotgun/rifle (3 gun match).  There is just about something for everybody's shooting preferences. Click on the "About Us" link at the bottom of this page to get a brief summary and equipment needs for each discipline.

The Sidney Paul Gordon Shooting Range opens at 8:00 a.m. with registration starting at 8:30 on the day of the match. Matches start at 9:00 a.m. Stage setup for each match is done at 8:00 a.m. the day of the match. We encourage everyone to come out early and help with the stage setups. There is a small charge to shoot each match and a range use fee of $5 + tax paid at the range office (it is also good for shooting the rest of the day at the range). Please consider becoming a member of our shooting club so that we may continue to hold these matches for your enjoyment.

Wild West Shootin'

Wild West Shooting Matches are cowboy action shooting based matches. Participants dress in late 1800's clothing, strap on their single action shootin' irons and have their trusty rifle and coach shotgun close at hand. Our matches are on the first Saturday of each month. 100 rds pistol and rifle should be plenty and a normal 25 rds of shotgun. Bring an extra 25 rds of shotgun as we might include that in Mano y Mano. If ya gotta miss, miss fast. Everyone is welcome. Come see the Old West guns in action.

22 Action Match

This is a 22 Rimfire match on the forth Saturday of each month using a pistol and rifle. We normally start off with 6 targets at about 7-10 yards with pistol, switch to rifle and engage 10 targets at about 25 to 35 yds. Your time is then recorded. We'll add 3 seconds for each miss and, when bonus targets are present, subtract time from your run for your bonus points. There are 4 stages for the match and sometimes we'll do a man on man, double elimination fun shoot at the end of the match. Lots of shooting and fun with cheap ammo.


USPSA, is governed by IPSC (International Practical Shooters Confederation), holds its matches on the forth Sunday of each month. The match consists of four stages, one of them being a classifier, the scores of which are submitted to USPSA for the shooter's classification. Twice a year we hold a special four-stage classifier on our regularly scheduled match day.

IPSC is a fast paced shooting sport. There are handgun divisions that cover everything from race guns to off the shelf pistols and revolvers. The stages involve engaging targets using cover, on the move, and speed drills. Targets include steel poppers and plates, paper and sometimes moving targets. Everyone is invited to shoot our matches and you don't need to be a member of USPSA to enjoy this sport.

Watch Otero Practical Shooter's Facebook Page for IPSC scores, notices and special updates for IPSC two or three gun matches, four stage classifiers and events.

Special Matches

Special matches, when they occur, are usually held when a month has a fifth Saturday or Sunday.  They will be announced on the home page with the scheduled matches.
NOTE about Safety on the Range:

Who is responsible for safety? YOU ARE! If someone says anything to you about something unsafe-don't take offense, it is for your safety as well as that of everyone else. Just listen and be sure to say "Thank you!". (It is better to maybe hurt your feelings than have anyone get injured.)