Otero Practical Shooting Association
"Safety, Proficiency and  Family Fun"
Matches are held at Sidney Paul Gordon Shooting Range, La Luz, NM. This is a supervised range.
Please note: Hearing and eye protection required at all times while on the range.

Shooting Range Facebook Page
Maintained by the Sidney Paul Gordon Management

Shooting Range Otero County Page.
This has range information including phone and contact information, hours of operation, special notices and range fees. Good information and a lot of support for shooting sports.

Google Map
for directions (Range is in La Luz, NM outside Alamogordo)

Sidney Paul Gordon Shooting Range

NOTE about Safety on the Range:

Who is responsible for safety? YOU ARE! If someone says anything to you about something unsafe-don't take offense, it is for your safety as well as that of everyone else. Just listen and be sure to say "Thank you!". (It is better to maybe hurt your feelings than have anyone get injured.)